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About DICOM Library's online DICOM viewer for veterinary imaging

VET DICOM Library offers to view uploaded DICOM file(s) in the browser for veterinary imaging with web based DICOM viewer - MedDream VET DICOM Viewer.
Web based DICOM viewer - MedDream
MedDream VET is HTML5 zero-footprint DICOM Viewer designed for veterinary specialists, which conveniently manages imaging, diagnosing, and transmitting data. MedDream VET DICOM viewer can be used for review purposes or even primary diagnostics. The VET DICOM Viewer is designed to make the images available across the veterinary clinic, even present images to the customers of the veterinary institution.

Meddream vet dicom viewer radiology measure

The MedDream VET DICOM Viewer has an extensive radiology tool for veterinary imaging set, which includes regular features such as:

  • Window. Image window level manipulation using the mouse or selecting from a list of available presets;
  • Pan. Moving the image within the image viewer, useful when image is larger than the viewer, after zooming for example;
  • Zoom. Increase/decrease the image;
  • Scroll. Scroll through the images of series by using mouse wheel, dragging vertically or with keyboard hot keys;
  • Rotate/Flip. Rotate the image right/left, flip it horizontal/vertical with possibility to revert the image to original orientation;
  • Magnifier. Magnify (enlarge) certain area of the image.

Measurements VHS and Norberg angle

The MedDream VET DICOM Viewer's specific measurements for veterinary field are:

  • Line. Draw and measure the length of a line;
  • Polyline. Draw and measure the length of a polyline;
  • Area. Mark area of interest with a polyline and measure its area;
  • Angle. Draw and measure an angle;
  • Cobb angle. Draw and measure a Cobb angle;
  • Show angles. Show all angles between intersecting lines;
  • Norberg angle. Measure a Norberg angle to evaluate canine hip dysplasia;
  • VHS. Measure Vertebral Heart Score/Scale to asses cardiac enlargement;
  • Ellipse. Draw and measure an ellipse, which calculates standard deviation and mean values in Hounsfield units;
  • Volume. Measure the volume of a 2D image. The 2D area is spun around a selected axis to form a 3D shape and the volume of the shape is then measured;
  • Text. Possibility to write, view, edit or delete text;
  • ROI. Mark and store ROI for study instance;
  • Calibration line. Change the scale of measurement;
  • Intensity. Measure Hounsfield units at a specific point of a CT study;
  • Save annotation. Possibility to save and display annotations;
  • Delete annotation. Possibility to delete all or selected annotations.

meddream vet dicom viewer es us video

MedDream VET DICOM Viewer's main features:

  • Simultaneous playback of up - to 9 DICOM video files;
  • Comfortable bar of series preview with thumbnails;
  • Tracking of image orientation, when manipulating the study with the transformation tools;
  • DICOM ECG supported (read more about VET ECG & Ultrasound);
  • DICOM fundus images and veterinary video supported (read more about VET Fundus & Video Viewer);
  • Integration to HIS. Flexible and open integration interface (MedDream can be integrated in any medical application). Read more about integration;
  • Study printing, forwarding, exporting;
  • Multi-language support.

MedDream VET dicom viewer US

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